Links to sites/people that I work with and recommend to you.

These sites may be able to assist those of you seeking data and/or images concerning events – involving British/British Commonwealth Forces and their Allies – during periods of conflict in Asia. Collectively: they can provide data and/or images relating to those who served as military personnel, as civilian administrators and, in both cases, their dependents – who may have accompanied them.  The organisation responsible for the maintenance of all British Commonwealth cemeteries here in Asia. Their database is the first point-of-inquiry for those looking for details concerning the 1.7 million military casualties of both WW1 and WW2. Please note that an estimated c45% of these casualties have no-known-grave – BUT – their names can be found on memorials instead.

WIKIPEDIA – provides an excellent summary of the CWGC here.  A great site for additional information concerning casualties and events from WW1, WW2 and beyond.  Since 2010, all 100+ posts of my visits to all countries and cemeteries in Asia have been recorded here. This link takes you directly to them  – via their War Grave Photographs Forum – and, at the same time, to a great website populated by ‘professionals’ !  p.s. my posts come under the username – BUCKLT –  and include cemetery descriptions, assorted images/video-links and summary of photos taken.  A wonderful site – run by Mick – providing free images of graves and memorials from all over the world.  Another great site – run by Michael – and dealing with POWs (and associated camps) in Taiwan (Formosa) during WW2.  A fascinating group who record the locations of known and old/forgotten cemeteries, monuments and inscriptions in South Asia.  Another great site with wonderful support – including articles and images – from Asia during WW2.  Run by Tony and covering events in Hong Kong during WW2.  All about the Chindits in Myanmar/Burma during WW2 – and it’s run by Steve.  All about the Thai-Burma Death Railway. A must-see… and all thanks to the efforts of Rod Beattie.

Telegraph article about Death Railway Museum in Burma. Opened 2015-2016.  A site dedicated to assisting former Far East POWs, their wives and widows.  Good people – since 1922 – continuing to do great things!  National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association UK. Dealing with WW2, The Malayan Emergency and the Borneo/Indonesian Confrontation and thereafter.   To archive photographs of every single South African & Rhodesian war grave from the 2nd Anglo-Boer War, Bambatha Rebellion, WW1, Rand Revolt, WW2, Korea, Freedom Struggle, Angola-Border War, Non World War and Police to the present day.  A great site with one of the best collection of LINKS I’ve seen anywhere!   and   Both wonderful organisations, and having worked with them as a Case Officer for a period of 5 years, I can attest to the great (and never ending) volume of work carried out by their staff, in support of present and former members of our Armed Forces. Please: if you are considering a volunteer role and/or giving towards a Forces Charity and/or writing-updating your Will – keep them in mind – Thank You.    Another great example detailing the efforts of what one individual can achieve to help us remember those war casualties from local villages, towns, cities and counties. To-date, Tony has helped record, and, in the process, keep alive, the sacrifices of 3000+ individuals interred/commemorated in 100+ memorials and cemeteries scattered throughout the world.    Via their – Great War Forum – a site dedicated to discussions about WW1.   An active Group in Malaysia dealing with Aviation and Military Archaeology Research Projects.  An interesting site dealing with many of our long-forgotten wars.   Home to The New Zealand War Graves Project.  All about the people who have made every Victoria Cross since 1856.  Lots of details – including names of all winners – of the Victoria Cross.  A site dealing with WW1 and providing a great collection of links.  Another site providing images of Australian War Graves.  United Nations Memorial Cemetery Korea (UNMCK). From their website:  ”Here at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea, the only one of its kind in the world, rest heroic brave soldiers from a number of UN nations, who sacrificed their lives for world peace and freedom.”