SF – ‘Special Forces’ and images of their graves and memorials are added to this page.


Images representing 27 names attached here – click to enlarge. Original size images available on request.

Regimental Wreath Of Dark And Light Blue Flowers

K. BANCROFT  26-11-53  Malaysia

C.W. BOND  18-01-54  Malaysia

B. BEXTON  7-06-64  Singapore  

A.G. BUCHANAN  11-05-57  Malaysia

T.R. CONDON  14-03-64  Malaysia, Indonesia

J.B. DAVIES  25-06-51  Malaysia

P.H. DENEHEY  6-06-65  Borneo, Singapore

P.G.R. EAKIN  3-12-53  Malaysia

O.H. ERNEST  13-07-51  Malaysia

A.E. HOWELL  1-06-54  Malaysia

A. FERGUS  13-05-52  Singapore

J.L.C. FOTHERINGHAM  18-12-53  Malaysia

Plaque in Kuching – unveiled 2015 by ASASA
– PAUL H. DENEHEY  6-06-65  Borneo, Singapore –
– KENNETH A. HUDSON  21-03-66  Borneo, Indonesia, Australia –
– ROBERT C. MONCRIEFF  21-03-66  Borneo, Indonesia, Australia –
note: DENEHEY is interred in Singapore and both HUDSON and MONCRIEFF are now interred in Australia

R.C. MONCRIEFF  21-03-66  Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia

J.A.S. MORGAN  28-01-53  Malaysia

W.R.J. MARSELLE  24-06-56  Malaysia

K.A. HUDSON  21-03-66  Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia

N.P. OLLIS  13-08-69  Malaysia

J.E. O’LEARY  28-02-51  Malaysia

J.P. PEARCE  17-06-55  Malaysia

B. POWELL  30-05-54  Malaysia

R.S. SIMPSON  VC.  18-10-78  Japan

A.R. THOMAS  2-05-56  Malaysia

F.S. TULK  24-03-53  Singapore

V.E. VISAGIE  23-04-52  Malaysia

F.W. WILKINS  26-11-53  Malaysia