Is a term generally used when a body/bodies cannot, for various reasons, be identified. It can refer to a single grave or a mass grave containing 100’s of bodies. The purpose of this page is to provide an introduction to such graves – and associated memorials – and in the process of doing so, remind ourselves of their great sacrifices in times of conflict. note; from the beginning of this project, it’s always been a policy of mine to record the images of a small number of such graves in each war cemetery.

3 unknown Australian soldiers – Indonesia

Former location of The Unknown Soldier (ARVN Forces) – Vietnam

An unknown German – Papua New Guinea

An unknown soldier of The Great War – Israel

Fourteen unknowns discovered by Vietnamese Forces – Cambodia

5 unknown soldiers of WW2 – Singapore

An unknown Allied soldier of WW2 – Thailand

An unknown soldier of WW2 – Sri Lanka

An unknown British Serviceman 1965 – Singapore

Mass grave of 600+ unknown Filipinos whose remains were discovered inside a dungeon – Philippines

A memorial to the lost grave of SAN A. KIM – China

An unknown Australian soldier of WW2 – Borneo

An unknown soldier of the Indian Army – Bangladesh

An unknown soldier of the Indian Army – India

Unknown Soldiers’ Pathway – Republic Of Korea
Comprising 2 single waterfalls which form the number 11: 11 steps at the top of the walkway representing the 11 nationalities whose soldiers are interred here; 11 cascades of water; 11 water fountains and 11 pine trees along each side of the pathway represent the 11 countries. The total of 22 – adding up both sides – represents the 22 nations (including Korea) who participated in the Korean War under the United Nations flag.