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I’d like to share with you, a wonderful poem whose words manage to capture the very ‘essence’ of ones thoughts and feelings whilst visiting graves of our loved-ones in Far-Away Lands. I believe it was written by Geraldine Charles. A quick check reveals Hosur Road to be in Bangalore.

Pilgrim on the Hosur Road
Kneeling amongst shards of sun bleached grass,
sweat prickling my brow, squinting against the sun’s glare,
my eyes trace the patterns etched in stone,
slowly deciphering first letters, then words,
until names unspoken all these years, form before my eyes.
I recall your sepia likenesses, captured over a century ago,
now lovingly preserved in albums and on walls.
I have travelled over four thousand miles
for this brief reunion, with you, my kinsmen.

The shadows of the shade trees lengthen,
as the sun dips in the western sky.
Making my way back I wonder,
‘Will I be the last to return here
or will others of my family,
your descendents yet to be born,
retrace my footsteps and make
the same pilgrimage to
that cemetery on the Hosur Road?’

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Love and PeaceLove and Peace - Cao Dai Temple - (nr. Black Lady Mountain and Cu Chi Tunnels), Tȃy Ninh District, Vietnam


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