The Rangoon Memorial, Face 44, Taukkyan War Cemetery, Myanmar (Burma)

A 'memorial' is normally of stone construction and contains the names of those men and women who, for whatever reason, have no-known-graves. This image shows part of one of the largest CWGC memorials in Asia - The Rangoon Memorial - and it's located in Taukkyan War Cemetery (known locally as the Htauk Kyant War Memorial Cemetery) which, in itself, lies about 20 miles to the north of Yangon (Rangoon) city and 10 miles south-east from Yangon International Airport. Google Map link here. It consists of 112 'Faces' upon which are engraved the names of c27,000 men who have no-known-graves. This particular image is of Face 44 and shows some of the names of those men who served with the 13th Frontier Force Rifles (British Indian Army) during WW2.

Crosses Of Sacrifice are, in general, found in cemeteries with over 40 war graves.The Stone of Remembrance is found in cemeteries with over 1000 war graves and is a non-denominational tribute to the fallen. © 2017-2027 - All Rights Reserved