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These sites may be able to assist those of you seeking data and/or images concerning events – involving British/British Commonwealth Forces and their Allies – during periods of conflict in Asia. Collectively: they can provide data and/or images relating to those who served as military personnel, as civilian administrators and, in both cases, their dependents – who may have accompanied them.  Such ‘mentions’ are always appreciated as they advertise the availability of the images and this particular one (as of April 2018) has generated over 170 responses to-date. Please feel free to submit details about ASIAWARGRAVES to those forums/social media outlets/websites who may be able to create a web-link to it. Thank You  The organisation responsible for the maintenance of all British Commonwealth cemeteries here in Asia. Their database is the first point-of-inquiry for those looking for details concerning the 1.7 million military casualties of both WW1 and WW2. Please note that an estimated c45% of these casualties have no-known-grave – BUT – their names can be found on memorials instead.

WIKIPEDIA –  provides an excellent summary of the CWGC here.  A great site for additional information concerning casualties and events from WW1, WW2 and beyond.  Since 2010, all 200+ posts of my visits to all countries and cemeteries in Asia have been recorded here. This link takes you directly to them  – via their War Grave Photographs Forum – and, at the same time, to a great website populated by ‘professionals’ !  p.s. my posts come under the username – BUCKLT –  and include cemetery descriptions, assorted images/video-links and summary of photos taken.  A wonderful site – run by Mick – providing free images of graves and memorials from all over the world.  Another great site – run by Michael – and dealing with POWs (and associated camps) in Taiwan (Formosa) during WW2.  A fascinating group who record the locations of known and old/forgotten cemeteries, monuments and inscriptions in South Asia.  Another great site with wonderful support – including articles and images – from Asia during WW2.  Run by Tony and covering events in Hong Kong during WW2.  All about the Chindits in Myanmar/Burma during WW2 – and it’s run by Steve.  All about the Thai-Burma Death Railway. A must-see… and all thanks to the efforts of Rod Beattie.

Telegraph article about Death Railway Museum in Burma. Opened 2015-2016.  A site dedicated to assisting former Far East POWs, their wives and widows.  Good people – since 1922 – continuing to do great things!   The National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association UK. Dealing with WW2, The Malayan Emergency and the Borneo/Indonesian Confrontation and thereafter.   To archive photographs of every single South African & Rhodesian war grave from the 2nd Anglo-Boer War, Bambatha Rebellion, WW1, Rand Revolt, WW2, Korea, Freedom Struggle, Angola-Border War, Non World War and Police to the present day.  A great site with one of the best collection of LINKS I’ve seen anywhere!   and   Both wonderful organisations, and having worked with them as a Case Officer for a period of 5 years, I can attest to the great (and never ending) volume of work carried out by their staff, in support of present and former members of our Armed Forces. Please: if you are considering a volunteer role and/or giving towards a Forces Charity and/or writing-updating your Will – keep them in mind – Thank You.    Another great example detailing the efforts of what one individual can achieve to help us remember those war casualties from local villages, towns, cities and counties. To-date, Tony has helped record, and, in the process, keep alive, the sacrifices of 3000+ individuals interred/commemorated in 100+ memorials and cemeteries scattered throughout the world.    An interesting site dealing with many of our long-forgotten wars.   Home to The New Zealand War Graves Project. All about the people who have made every Victoria Cross since 1856.  Lots of details – including names of all winners – of the Victoria Cross.  A site dealing with WW1 and providing a great collection of links.  United Nations Memorial Cemetery Korea (UNMCK). From their website:  ”Here at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea, the only one of its kind in the world, rest heroic brave soldiers from a number of UN nations, who sacrificed their lives for world peace and freedom.”  A well-established tour company which provides 60+ tours (all accompanied by professional guides) to WW1, WW2 and other battlefield locations.
Some of my friends have used their services and speak very highly of them!  Created by Lisa and consisting of a fantastic collection of links which will be of great benefit to our Veterans. Feel free to share these links with those you feel may benefit from them. Well Done Lisa!  Get a copy of military service records UK Gov.

A Teacher and her PupilsA Teacher and her Pupils explore the Singapore Memorial in Kranji War Cemetery, Singapore


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