MORRISON J.E. CWGC Rabaul War Cemetery, Papua New Guinea

Known as 'pedestal markers' and consisting of bronze plaques attached to concrete supports-cum-bases. Normally found in locations prone to seismic activity and subsidence i.e. Japan, Myanmar (Burma), the islands of Labuan and Ambon etc. This particular pedestal marker is that of VX25905 Private JAMES EDWARD MORRISON who served with the Australian Infantry and died on Thursday January 8th 1942 aged 22. He was the Son of Andrew George and Lillie Morrison, of Canterbury, Victoria, Australia. He was originally buried in Old Rabaul Civil Cemetery - which lies on the island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea - but, because the exact location of the grave has since been lost, he is now commemorated in the CWGC Rabaul (Bita Paka) War Cemetery, Plot H, Row D, Grave 15 (Spec.Mem). note: because of the above situation, this is also known as a 'special memorial' (Spec/Sp.Mem).

Crosses Of Sacrifice are, in general, found in cemeteries with over 40 war graves.The Stone of Remembrance is found in cemeteries with over 1000 war graves and is a non-denominational tribute to the fallen. © 2017-2027 - All Rights Reserved