Concerning WW1 and WW2: The overall casualty count is 1,697,368 with 939,646 identified burials and 757,722 names-on-memorials.

WW1 and WW2 - Breakdown of War Dead in Numbers - CWGC

Looking at these figures a little closer: a total of 45% of all our war casualties – from both WW1 and WW2 – have no-known-graves! A truly astonishing figure especially when you consider all those families, relatives and loved ones who don’t have a grave to visit and grieve-over.
Instead, and in memory of these men and women, we commemorate their sacrifices on Memorials, which can be found all-over-the-world, both within and outside our designated war cemeteries.

Over 65% of all requests received by me are for such images (engraved names on memorials) and because of this, I place a great deal of emphasis on photographing these names wherever and whenever I come across them. Please photograph their names as, in doing so, we acknowledge and pay tribute to the lives that they were prepared to surrender on our behalf…Thank You.


AFGHANISTANVigil Camp Bastion, Helmand Province, AfghanistanCamp Bastion Memorial Wall (Helmand Province). Images taken prior to re-location of Memorial from Afghanistan to the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffordshire, England.
note: a rededication service was held on Thursday 11th June 2015 and the memorial is now known as The Bastion Memorial.

BANGLADESH Japanese Memorial (18 names), Chittagong War Cemetery, BangladeshChittagong/Bombay 1939-1945 War Memorial (display case) and the Japanese Memorial.

BORNEOYaizu Monument to 81 Japanese boy-fishermen, Kuching, BorneoThe Labuan Memorial and the Labuan Cremation Memorial. Kuching: Heroes Memorial Park, Heroes Monument, ASASA Wall Plaque
and Sarawak Rangers Monument. Japanese War Cemetery: Yaizu Monument. Kota Kinabalu: Petagas Memorial Garden

BRUNEI DARUSSALAM1945 Brunei-Australia Memorial, Maura Beach, Brunei Darussalam1945 Brunei-Australia Memorial, Maura Beach.

BURMAView from inside Rangoon Memorial (near Face 14) towards Cremation Memorial, Tukkyan War Cemetery, Myanmar- BurmaCWGC Rangoon War Cemetery: Rangoon Memorial and Cremation Memorial with Addenda Plaque. Burma Forces plaque with c500 names and the Taukkyan Memorial.

CAMBODIAMemorial to 37 War Reporters, Phnom Penh, CambodiaAll 37 names on the memorial dedicated to ”War Correspondents and Journalists Killed And Missing in 1970-1975
Cambodian War”, Phnom Penh.

CHINA – HONG KONGHong Kong Memorial, Stanley Military Cemetery, Hong Kong, ChinaSai Wan Memorial, Sai Wan Cremation Memorial and China Memorial. Stanley: Kipling Memorial and Hong Kong Memorial.
Chinese Memorial Arch, City Hall Memorial Garden and the John Osborn VC Memorial.

INDIAKirkee Memorial - 12 stone columns (24 faces) and c2000 names - Pune, IndiaImphal Cremation Memorials. Kohima: 2nd Division Memorial, Cremation Memorial, Dorset Regt. Memorial, Indian Brigade Memorial, Punjab Regt. Memorial, Queens Own Memorial, Royal Berks Memorial, Royal Welsh Memorial, Tennis Court Memorial. Delhi 1914-1918 Memorial, Delhi 1939-1945 War Memorial and India Gate. Kirkee Memorial. Madras Memorial.

INDONESIASome of the names in Column 5 of the Ambon Memorial, Ambon War Cemetery, Molucca Islands Group, IndonesiaMemorial Shelter in Jakarta. Ambon Memorial and the Gulf Force Memorial.

ISRAELIndian and Egyptian WW1 Memorial, Ramlah War Cemetery, IsraelBeersheba: Turks’ Memorial, Turkish Memorial, Allenby Park and Park Of The Australian Soldier. Jerusalem: Australian Memorial and the Jerusalem Memorial.
Ramlah: Indian and Egyptian Memorial, Turkish Memorial, Ramlah 1939-1945 Memorial.

JAPANView inside Yokohama Cremation Memorial showing Urn and 6 of the 9 name-panels.Yokohama: Cremation Memorial and Yokohama Memorial. Name Plaque in Yokohama Foreigners’ Cemetery.

LEBANONSome of the names on the Egyptian Labour Corps Memorial 1914-1918, CWGC Beirut, Lebanon © asiawargraves.comBEIRUT: Hindus Memorial 1914-1918, Indians Moslims Memorial 1914-1918, Egyptian Labour Corps Memorial 1914-1918, Beirut Cremation Memorial WW2

MALAYSIAMemorial to Russian Navy Cruiser 'ZHEMCHUG' Western Road Christian Cemetery, Penang, MalaysiaNational Monument and RMAF Museum in Kuala Lumpur. Batu Gajah Roll Of Honour 1948-1960. Penang: Western Road Christian
Cemetery Roll Of Honour 1948-1960; Zhemchug-Russian Memorial; War Memorial 1914-1990. Kamunting Road Christian Cemetery Roll Of Honour.
Terendak Wall Memorial and Nanga Gaat Memorial. A summary of my visit to the Zhemchug Memorial can be viewed here:

PAPUA NEW GUINEALae Memorial, Lae War Cemetery, Papua New GuineaLae Memorial and Roundabout Memorial. Port Moresby Memorial and 27th Air Depot Group Memorial. Rabaul Memorial and Japanese Peace Memorial. Montevideo Maru Memorial and Cenotaph in Rabaul.

PHILIPPINESCapas National Shrine and some of the c30,000 names engraved on the Wall Of Heroes, PhilippinesBataan and Capas National Shrine and all associated Memorials. Manila: Manila 1945 Memorial; Fort Santiago Honor Roll; Memorial Cross to c600 victims; WW2 Guerilla Memorial. Kamikaze West Airfield and East Airfield Memorials.

REPUBLIC OF KOREAMemorial Tower Of The UN Forces In The Korean War - Busan, KoreaUnited Nations Military Cemetery Korea (UNMCK): Wall Of Remembrance; UN Forces Monument; Unknown Soldiers Pathway; Canadian Memorial; Commonwealth Memorial; Unknown Soldiers’ Plot. Memorial Tower in Busan City.

SINGAPOREMemorial to Flight Crew and Passengers of SilkAir Flight MI185 (19-12-97) - Cho Chu Kang Cemetery, SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Buried Elsewhere Memorial, Singapore Civil Hospital Grave Memorial and images of mass grave at SGH, Cremation Memorial, Perished In Captivity Memorial,
Singapore (Unmaintainable) Graves Memorial, Cremation Memorials (Gurkha and British) for Pasir Panjang and Ulu Pandan Cemeteries, Chinese Memorial, Operation Rimau Memorial.
Tengah: Memorial to Passengers and Crew Of Flight MI-185 19th December 1997.

SRI LANKA – CEYLONCenotaph WW1 and WW2, Colombo, Sri LankaWW1 and WW2 Cenotaph, 30 Squadron RAF Memorial, Ceylon Air Force Memorial, Ceylon Army Memorial, French Monument, Colombo Liveramentu Cremation Memorial, Colombo Liveramentu Memorial Wall/Tablets, Italian POW Memorial 1940-1945. Kandy WW1 1914-1919 Memorial.

TAIWAN ROC''Mates'', Kinkaseki-Taiwan POW Memorial, Jinguashi, Taiwan, ROC ©”Mates”, Kinkaseki-Taiwan POW Memorial, Jinguashi, Taiwan, ROC

THAILANDWreaths, flowers, photos and artefacts at base of Cross Of Sacrifice, Chungkai War Cemetery, Thailand.Perished In Captivity/Mass Grave Memorial, Kanchanaburi Memorial.

VIETNAMGrieving Mother Memorial, Long Binh PAVN Soldiers Cemetery, Saigon - HCMC, VietnamFormer Tomb Of Unknown Soldier (ARVN)

Memorial to Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan (A Personal Tribute)Amelia Earhart Memorial, Lae, Papua New GuineaA Personal Tribute to 2 of my great heroes: Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. Little now remains of their tiny arch-like memorial
(metal strips removed by souvenir hunters) and they both deserve a more appropriate memorial to this one!
Flowers for Her – secured with a blue ribbon –  and a card to Both:
…We Are The Pilgrims Master…

Ever RememberedEver Remembered - Robert William Willox - Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Thailand


Crosses Of Sacrifice are, in general, found in cemeteries with over 40 war graves.The Stone of Remembrance is found in cemeteries with over 1000 war graves and is a non-denominational tribute to the fallen. © 2017-2027 - All Rights Reserved