Stone Of Remembrance – Their Name Liveth For Evermore – CWGC Taiping War Cemetery, Malaysia

A Stone of Remembrance is normally found in cemeteries with 1000+ war graves and is always of the same dimensions: 3.5 metres long by 1.5 metres high. It's meant to be of an 'abstract' design and appeal to those "of all faiths and none". The words THEIR NAME LIVETH FOR EVERMORE are inscribed on the front portion. This particular Stone Of Remembrance is located in CWGC Taiping War Cemetery, Malaysia. About a carven stone, And a stark Sword brooding on the bosom of the Cross Where high and low are one......Kipling

Crosses Of Sacrifice are, in general, found in cemeteries with over 40 war graves.The Stone of Remembrance is found in cemeteries with over 1000 war graves and is a non-denominational tribute to the fallen. © 2017-2027 - All Rights Reserved